Awarding Quills -
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Awarding Quills

Golden Quills are the currency of the Little Writer platform, and are used to applaud the stories of other young authors.

When you discover a piece of writing you really love, applaud your fellow Little Writer with a Golden Quill (or two!). Simply click the big orange AWARD A GOLDEN QUILL button on their story page to show your appreciation for their writing and creativity.

And don’t forget awarding Quills benefits you too. Because the more Quills you award, the more recognition you receive as each Quill links back to you and your stories as well!

Golden Quills are valued at $0.30 USD per quill, to find out more about purchasing value packs of Golden Quills click the MANAGE QUILLS button here in your profile area or in the drop-down menu which opens from your profile image in the top right corner of the Little Writer platform.

Happy applauding your fellow Little Writers!