Creating a Class -
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Creating a Class

When you join the Little Writer platform as a teacher, you unlock additional teacher specific tools. These include the ability to easily manage your class of Little Writers on the platform. You do this by creating a class group of your students. This allows you to easily see what they are publishing, read and review their writing, and invite them to your competitions. 

Step 1. To create a new class, or manage an existing class, click the MY CLASSES button in your account area.

Step 2. Click the red CREATE CLASS button to add a new class to the Little Writer platform.

Step 3. Name your new class or group of students and then hit the NEXT – INVITE STUDENTS button to proceed.

Step 4. Now you can invite students to your class or group. You can do this two ways, if they are already Little Writer members you can search for them on the platform and send them an invite, or you can email the invitations to the parent’s of your students and get them to jump on board and signup new accounts on Little Writer.

Once your students have accepted your invitations they will be automatically added to your class.

Step 5. Now you have set-up your class group you can create competitions for them, easily read and review their published stories, award quills, and present trophies!