Creating a Competition -
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Creating a Competition

As a teacher you can create Writing Competitions around a specific topic, genre or young author age group. You can use Little Writer Competitions to create weekly writing tasks or assignments for your students to share stories, earn Golden Quills and ultimately win the competition Trophy.

Step 1. Click the CREATE COMPETITION button located in either your account area, on the Competitions page or on your My Competitions page.

Step 2. Next define the entry requirements for your competition including the topic, due date, word limit, the age of applicants, and any other information authors will need to know to include in their story entries.

Your competition can either be a private competition for your students or class only, or a public competition open to all Little Writers. If you wish to make it private check the box at the bottom of the Create Competition form.


Step 3. Publish your competition by clicking the CREATE COMPETITION button.

Step 4. Once you have your competition saved, you can now invite Little Writers, or your students, to your competition.

Step 5. Once your entry period has closed, you can select a winner and award them with your Trophy! See our Reviewing a Story tutorial to find out how.