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Entering a Competition

Teachers and educators can create writing competitions on Little Writer for their students and for young authors around the world (like you!) to take part in. Writing competitions can be based on a specific topic or genre, or for a certain age group or location.

When you enter a competition you put yourself in the running to win a Little Writer Trophy. Trophies are awarded to each competition winner and they are displayed on your winning story page. You will be notified by email if you have won the winning Trophy.

Step 1. To discover what competitions are currently running visit the Competitions page by clicking the COMPETITIONS link in the main header. Or simply click here.

Step 2. To find competitions which you want to enter, filter the competitions listings by Current, Public Only or Private Only competitions. Your teacher can also invite you to their competitions by email, so get your parent or guardian to keep a lookout in their email inbox too.

Step 3. Once you have found a competition you want to enter, click on the competition summary to view more details about the closing date, topic and what the teacher is looking for in the winning story. Then to enter click the ENTER COMPETITION button to get your entry in.

You can choose to either enter an existing story you already have published on Little Writer or you can write a brand new story just for the competition.

Good luck!