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How will Little Writer work?

How will Little Writer work?

Little Writer allows kids to easily publish their creative writing online, share their stories with their peers, teachers and family, and gain recognition as a young writer.

It all starts with the writing of the story

Stories can either be written offline and then typed or copied into Little Writer’s online Story Builder, or written directly onto the platform as their creative juices flow.

Kids can write stories on any topic and let their imagination run free. Or if they ever get stuck for inspiration or have a writer’s block, they can use Little Writer’s topic generator to give them some story ideas.

Add a cover image and additional images, if desired!

Once your child has their story written, the next step is to add images. They can add a cover image to their story as well as additional images throughout the story as they wish.

The cover image acts just like a book cover and is featured with the story wherever it appears on the Little Writer platform.

Kids are welcome to draw their own pictures, take photos, or create digital images and upload them to their story. But if they don’t want their story to have images, that’s fine too!

Hit publish!

Now for the fun part. Once they’re happy with their story, they can hit publish! Their story will go live and can be viewed on the Little Writer platform by qualified teachers and other little writers.

They will also be able to start sharing it and their peers, teachers, and family can jump online and read it too.

Enter competitions

With their story now live online, they can start enjoying the benefits of the Little Writer platform by earning quills, getting reviews, gaining followers and entering their stories in competitions to win trophies and get noticed.

Competitions are created by teachers and educators and can either be private competitions for a certain class or group of Little Writers, or public competitions open to all Little Writers. The winner of each competition is awarded a Trophy which displays as a badge on their winning story.

Kids can enter their story in multiple competitions and potentially earn several trophies for their story.

Earn Golden Quills

Just by having their story online your child can also earn Golden Quills.

Golden Quills are the currency of Little Writer. When someone likes their story they award them with a Golden Quill, and the more you or your child shares their writing and it is discovered on the platform, the more quills they can earn!

Kids can also award other Little Writer’s Golden Quills when they come across great stories on the platform that they like and appreciate.

Receive Reviews

Teachers and educators can also leave reviews on their story. These can include feedback on the idea, plot, structure, grammar, vocabulary, characters, and engagement.

These reviews can be private too so they are seen only by your child or they can be public so everyone can read them on your story page.

Get featured on the Top 50 Leaders Board

When your child starts earning Golden Quills and Trophies they will potentially be featured on the Top 50 Stories leaderboard and on the home page of the platform. This builds further recognition of their writing.

Read stories by other young authors

Little Writer is not just about creative writing. It is also about reading!

Little Writer encourages young authors to read stories and poems published by their peers. This is a great way to get inspiration, connect with other Little Writers and be part of a creative writing community.

Want your child to be a Little Writer?

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