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Little Writer for Teachers & Educators – What you need to know!

Little Writer for Teachers & Educators – What you need to know!

Little Writer for Teachers & Educators – What you need to know!

Little Writer is not just designed for young authors but for Teachers and Educators too.

Teachers can use the Little Writer platform as a fun and educational tool to supplement their classroom and homework creative writing exercises.

Instead of simply getting your students to write a story in their workbook, why not take it a step further by getting them to publish it online, upload their own illustrations and share it with the world?

This not only makes kids feel like grown-up adult authors by being able to publish their content globally, but you are adding in technology skill building through the use of a digital platform as well.

Benefit from Teacher & Educator Tools

When teachers sign up on the Little Writer platform, they unlock a Teacher specific account with features just for them.

This includes the ability to set-up a class group of your own Little Writers, create competitions for them, leave written reviews, award Golden Quills, and award Trophies.

Teachers are encouraged to set-up a class group for their students on Little Writer and invite their students to join. Having a class group allows you to set competitions and projects for just your class, easily provide feedback on your student’s stories, and keep track of their writing efforts over a term or year.

You also have the ability to manage and edit your class group at any time from your account settings.

Create Writing Competitions

Teachers have the power on the platform to create Little Writer competitions and then award trophies to the competition winners.

Competitions can either be private competitions just for your class, or they can be public competitions open to all Little Writers.

Once your entry period has closed, teachers can then select a winner and award them a Trophy. The winning author then displays the Trophy badge on their winning piece of writing.

These competitions can be very competitive or you can use the competition tool to easily create weekly tasks or assignments for your students to complete.

Review your students writing

As a Teacher, you can also leave reviews on Little Writer stories, both those of your own students and other Little Writers on the platform.

Your reviews can include feedback on the story’s idea, plot, structure, grammar, vocabulary, characters, and engagement. These reviews can be made private so they are only visible to the Little Writer or shared publicly so they are readable by all users.

And just like Little Writers, Teachers can also award Golden Quills. Golden Quills are the currency of the Little Writer platform and work in the same way Facebook “Likes” do but have greater value.

When you discover a great story you can award it a quill (or more if you wish)! You can also give these out as incentives to your class to reward great story writing.

Motivate your students to develop their creative writing

Little Writer can be incorporated in a number of fun ways into your classroom, motivating your students to write and boosting the number of skills learnt through a simple creative writing exercise – imagination, vocabulary, grammar, writing structure, topic idea selection, image creation, typing skills, uploading images online, publishing and editing their story, and then sharing it with friends and family.

The online nature of the platform also makes it super easy for your student’s parents to read, follow and encourage their child’s creative writing.

Want to bring Little Writer into your classroom?

Simply sign up FREE as a Teacher and create your class!

Not a teacher but a Little Writer or parent? Read our blog post here to find out how Little Writer works for young authors.

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