Reviewing a Story -
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Reviewing a Story

Golden Quills and Trophies are the currencies of the Little Writer platform. Quills are used to applaud the stories of Little Writers and to show your appreciation for their writing and creativity, while Trophies are awarded to winning competition entries.

As a teacher, you can also leave written reviews and feedback on individual stories.

Awarding a Quill: When you discover a piece of writing that you think shows real creativity, applaud the Little Writer with a Golden Quill (or two!). Simply click the big orange AWARD A GOLDEN QUILL button on their story page to do so.

Awarding a Trophy: Once your competition ends, you have the task of reviewing all the entries. When you decide upon the winning piece of writing, it’s time to award your competition’s Trophy. Open the winning story and click the purple AWARD TROPHY button found on the top right of the page!

Leaving a Review: Open the story you wish to leave feedback on and navigate to the right-hand side of the page. Here you will discover the review feature, click the yellow “Leave a Review” Button and start providing your feedback. You can choose to make your feedback private so only the author can see it, or you can publish it publicly so all platform users can view it on the story.

Happy reviewing!!