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Top 100 Leaderboard

The Little Writer Top 100 Leaderboard showcases the leading Little Writers at any given time, whether it be the Top Little Writers this Week, or Top Little Writers All Time.

Be sure to encourage your Little Writers to keep an eye on the Leaderboard here to see how they are ranking each week!

How The Ranking System Works

Little Writers can get themselves onto the Top 100 Leaderboard by simply being more active than other young authors on the Little Writer platform.

In other words, the more activities they complete, the more Golden Quills and Trophies they can earn. And the more they earn, the higher they will climb up the Leaderboard rankings and gain greater recognition as a Top 100 Little Writer!

Little Writers can earn Quills and Trophies by doing the following…

1. Publishing Stories – each time they publish a story, they earn 1 Golden Quill!

2. Entering Competitions – they can earn 1 Golden Quill for every story they enter into a competition!

3. Writing Reviews – they also earn 1 Golden Quill for every genuine review that they post on another Little Writer’s story!

4. Winning Competitions – winning a competition is the greatest reward they can achieve as this will earn them an esteemed Little Writer Golden Trophy. Golden Trophies are equivalent to 5 Golden Quills on the Leaderboard. So the more Trophies they earn, the faster they can climb up the Leaderboard!

Remember, a Competition Trophy is awarded to the story which best meets each competition’s topic and entry criteria. The Trophy winner is decided by the teacher hosting the competition.

5. Receiving Quills from other Little Writers – Lastly, each Little Writer and Teacher can award Quills to stories that they like. So the more that their writing appeals to other Little Writers and Teachers, the more Quills they are likely to be awarded! We recommend that you encourage your Little Writers to engage their readers by making their stories well written, on interesting topics, by being really creative or even humorous, on current news or events, or even by creating a really great cover image!

Be sure to let your Little Writer’s know about the Top 100 Leaderboard today! 😃