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What is Little Writer? Features and Benefits

What is Little Writer? Features and Benefits

Little Writer is a new online platform which allows kids to publish their creative writing online and read stories published by other young authors.

With Little Writer, kids are encouraged to develop an interest in writing, create their own unique writing voice and be inspired by reading stories published by their peers.

By bringing together traditional offline creative writing with the flexibility of the online space, kids can feel like ‘real’ authors through the publication and sharing of their stories online.

Kids can enter competitions, earn Golden Quills and win Trophies

On Little Writer, kids can enter their stories into writing competitions, earn Golden Quills from qualified teachers and other Little Writers, win trophies, get feedback on their writing and gain followers and recognition as a young author.

Little Writer is very much about creating a social community of young authors who can share their fictional fantasies, poetry, stories, factual adventures and tall tales with others.

But Little Writer not only benefits kids, the platform allows parents to easily read what their kids are currently writing, get an indication of their children’s writing level and as a way to motivate them to develop their writing, reading, conversational English, grammar, and vocabulary skills. It is an ideal platform for kids passionate about writing and reading as well as those who need the added drawcard of online technology to encourage them that bit further with their writing.

Teachers can benefit from Little Writer too

Little Writer can even be used in the classroom to expand and supplement offline creative writing activities.

Teachers can sign-up to Little Writer and access teacher specific account features such as the ability to create competitions, award trophies, give feedback and create customised class groups.

So instead of just getting your students to write a story in their workbook, why not take it a step further by encouraging them to publish it online, upload their own illustrations and share it with the world to see and appreciate?

By adding an online platform to the mix you are also developing web, typing and technology skills with your class as well. Plus, it has that motivational factor too where Little Writers get to see and show appreciation for each other’s work.

In conclusion

Little Writer benefits kids, parents, and teachers by providing a new way to approach creative writing and get kids to fall in love with the power of words and the sharing of stories.

Interested in Little Writer?

Register now as either a parent with child or as teacher with students!

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