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When will Little Writer be launching?

When will Little Writer be launching?

Now that you know what Little Writer is all about and how it works, are you excited? We sure are!

Little Writer is currently in the final stages of development and will be launching in October 2018.

But, there’s a lot that Parents and Teachers can do now to prepare their kids and students for the launch.

Here’s what you can do now

To get ready for our launch, we recommend you start encouraging your kids now to start preparing, writing and illustrating their stories ready for publishing on the Little Writer platform when we go live in October!

Here are a few helpful tips to get your kids started:

Step 1: Help them come up with a creative writing idea!

Step 2: Then let their imagination flow and simply start writing!

They can write something short, long, fictional, non-fictional, any genre they fancy, a poem, a haiku, a short story or a long story with chapters. It’s totally up to your child!

Step 3: Come up with a clever title for their writing

Step 4: Draw or design a cover image that relates to their story

If it’s a drawing, simply take a nice clear photo of it ready for uploading to the Little Writer platform.

Step 5: Add some additional pictures

Maybe they are writing a picture book, or want to add a picture to each chapter of their story to make it more visually appealing? Feel free to prepare as many pictures as necessary!

Step 6: Lastly, have a think about creating a Profile Picture for their “writer’s profile” on the platform.

This picture doesn’t have to be a photo of the child, but can be a self-portrait drawing, a photo they have taken, or something else fun!

Step 7: Make sure to Register Free to get notified of our launch!

You don’t want to miss the Little Writer launch, so make sure you enter your email here to stay in the loop and get notified when we “go live!”.

You will also get rewarded with 5 Golden Quills instantly just for registering early.

And that’s it! Your child (or class of students) will be all ready to publish their stories when the Little Writer platform goes live.

Remember, the more creative stories they write, the more chances they have of earning Golden Quills and Trophies. So, keep their creativity flowing!

We look forward to reading your Littler Writer’s stories soon!

Want your child or students to join the Little Writer community?

Sign up FREE as a parent with your child, or as a teacher and your class!

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