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Why Little Writer was created

Why Little Writer was created

Little Writer is the brainchild of Sandy Oreo, a Brisbane, Australia based mother of one.

Sandy developed the idea after her 8-year old son and his friends started writing their own chapter books, written in pencil and sticky taped together, during their school lunch breaks and then they listed them on eBay to sell.

While sadly no one was interested in buying them, it did spark an idea in Sandy’s mind – wouldn’t it be great if there was a web platform for kids which allowed them to publish and share their stories online, just like grown-up authors!

This initial idea quickly grew into an app concept after Sandy read some homework feedback given to her son by his teacher.

Sandy explains “After one of my son’s English assignments, his teacher said that he was too creative, too unrealistic, had too much action and not enough description and structure.”

She continues “children today are being asked to write according to certain criteria, such as meeting Australia’s NAPLAN test requirements, rather than being encouraged to embrace the creativity of story writing.”

Sandy felt an online platform would also give kids a space to write creatively without the limitations of the classroom. While she understands structured writing skills are important to develop, the school curriculum doesn’t always allow children to be truly individual and imaginative with their writing.

So Sandy set about creating a web and mobile application which not only fostered children’s interest in writing, reading, and language but also encourages them to create their own writing style and habits which they can continue into adulthood.

Sandy also believes there is real value and inspiration to be had when kids can read and share stories written by other kids who are similar ages to them.

She lastly felt that Little Writer would be of great use to the classroom as well, allowing classes to share their writing with each other and for teachers to motivate their class’s creative writing in new ways, set writing challenges and easily provide feedback to their students in an online environment. So as the platform was developed, teacher specific tools were also incorporated into the design.

Big Plans for Little Writer

Now that Little Writer is soon to launch, and this initial vision has become a reality, Sandy has big plans for the platform.

Little Writer, while conceived in Australia, is aiming to be a truly global platform where kids can publish and share their stories no matter where they are located, from big urban centres to small rural towns, and gain recognition outside the classroom for their creative ideas.

Furthermore, one of Sandy’s visions is to take iPads with access to Little Writer on them to Aboriginal students located in Australia’s remote outback, thereby giving them a writing platform where they can share their Aboriginal culture and stories with the world.

Little Writer also has plans to turn the online stories of young authors into annual publications to further encourage and inspire creativity through writing.

Sandy says “Knowing how savvy the younger generations are with apps and technology, I truly believe Little Writer will become the default writing pad and publishing platform for young authors”.

The platform launch is just the beginning for Little Writer and exciting things are to come!

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